Located beneath the auroral oval is Churchill, Manitoba, Canada. This remote community in the Canadian subarctic is one of the best places on Earth to experience the northern lights.


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Dine Beneath the Northern Lights

Imagine dining beneath the northern lights with an exquisitely curated, multi-course menu that features regional and local fare. This is Dan's Diner, a remote culinary adventure inspired by land and sea in the one and only Churchill, Manitoba Canada. Included in all of our multi-day northern lights packaged tours are tickets to the exclusive Dan's Diner. 

Meaningful Travel

Frontiers North Adventures, a certified B Corporation™ and leader in sustainable travel since 1987, hosts guests primarily in Churchill, Manitoba to dine beneath the northern lights, sing alongside beluga whales and lock eyes with wild polar bears. They share in the stewardship of the resources made available to them and passionately share their values with their guests. They are the official Conservation Journey® and Tundra Buggy® people.

Steps towards a more sustainable future. In 2021 we introduced the very first EV Tundra Buggy®. By 2030 our goal is to have all our Tundra Buggies converted from diesel propulsion to electric.

Passionate about meaningful experiences. We are proud to employ local and regional staff from across Canada, with the majority from right here in Manitoba. This great country is what we know and what we love – let us share it with you!

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