A Made in Manitoba Adventure

For years you’ve considered a trip to Churchill but chose to travel elsewhere instead; or maybe you’ve never thought about exploring northern Manitoba at all. Travellers from around the world have been coming to Churchill for decades to experience what’s been in your own backyard all along: mighty polar bears, breath-taking landscapes and a culture all its own.

Now, it’s your turn - come to Churchill.


Put yourself in the driver’s seat this summer and experience Manitoba with our new self-drive and ride adventure. Embark on a train journey from Thompson to Churchill to breathe in the coastal air, surround yourself with whale-song and try to spot a polar bear. Book now

Venture into the Churchill River estuary, where thousands of beluga whales migrate into the warm, shallow waters each summer to give birth and feed. Learn about beluga whale biology and ocean health and come face-to-face with beluga whales in their natural habitat. Book now.

Embark on a Tundra Buggy® Day Tour into one of Manitoba’s most breathtaking wilderness areas, the Churchill Wildlife Management Area. Experience the colourful landscapes, and incredible Arctic wildlife of summer or join the adventure in autumn during peak polar bear season. Learn More

Create memories that will last a lifetime with a family vacation of epic proportions! This spectacular vacation runs during Churchill’s annual beluga whale migration, when the sparkling waters and blooming landscapes are teeming with incredible northern wildlife! Learn more. 


If you are looking for Churchill accommodations, look no further than the Tundra Inn, a cozy, family-run hotel located in the heart of town. Close to all amenities of Churchill, the Tundra Inn is the perfect home base for your amazing northern adventure. Book now.



Explore Riding Mountain National Park home to moose, black bears, a captive bison herd and more. From there your adventure takes you to the colourful tundra and northern waterways of Churchill where you will set out in search of the mighty polar bear and friendly beluga whales. Book now.

Churchill is one of the best places on Earth to view the northern lights with aurora borealis activity occurring year round. Travel to new and secluded locales each night to photograph the northern lights in all their glory. Book now.

Join Manitoba’s most exclusive dinner reservation at our purposefully-built, pop-up restaurant on the edge of the frozen Churchill River.  Accessible in winter by Tundra Buggy®, the Dan’s Diner culinary experience features a multi-course menu of regional and locally-inspired fare from land and sea. Book now.


Frontiers North Adventures is a family-owned and operated business that has been specializing in adventures to Canada's North for more than 30 years. Our programs are designed for guests with specific interests in experiential and adventure travel, photography, wildlife and culture. Since day one, we have built our business on the principle of working closely with the communities and locals within the communities we visit. It's these relationships that make the difference between a cool vacation and an amazing, authentic and intimate adventure.