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Our Purpose

Frontiers North Adventures is a Certified B CorporationTM and an internationally recognized leader in authentic and sustainable adventures in Canada’s North. Family-owned and operated since 1987, we host guests primarily in and around the subarctic community of Churchill, Manitoba to dine beneath the northern lights, sing alongside beluga whales and lock eyes with wild polar bears. Our programs are meaningfully designed for wildlife and culture enthusiasts, photographers and experiential adventure travellers.

The people that comprise Frontiers North share in the stewardship of the resources made available to us, and conduct ourselves in a safe and sustainable manner. We work hard to benefit our guests and employees, the ecosystems and communities in which we operate, and passionately share those values with our guests. We are the official Conservation Journey® and Tundra Buggy® people.


Dine Beneath the Northern Lights

Located directly beneath the auroral oval, Churchill is one of the best places on Earth to witness the awe-inspiring northern lights. Long, dark winter nights provide the perfect setting for aurora borealis viewing and photography.

Travellers visiting Churchill in the winter enjoy outdoor activities such as dog sledding and snowshoeing through the boreal forest. In the evenings, guests board a Tundra Buggy and head far away from the lights of town to view the aurora borealis in all its glory from the comfort of Thandelthur Lounge or Dan’s Diner, our remote culinary experience.

Sing With Beluga Whales

Churchill in the summer is a beautiful thing: beluga whales by the thousands, hundreds of migratory bird species, a veritable rainbow of flowers in full bloom and yes, even the possibility of seeing polar bears.

You can experience Churchill’s beluga whales, affectionately known as Canaries of the Sea, by guided boat or Zodiac tour. On land you can visit the cultural museums, experience dog carting and explore the colourful flora and amazing fauna of the Churchill Wildlife Management Area on a Tundra Buggy adventure.

Lock Eyes With Wild Polar Bears

It’s all about the polar bears during autumn in Churchill. Enjoy the beautiful colours of autumn on the tundra in October or visit in November to see the Hudson Bay coast draped in ice and snow.

Our autumn Tundra Buggy excursions offer guests the opportunity to explore where polar bears and other subarctic wildlife roam. These excursions are the best and safest way to view the majestic polar bear in its natural environment. Guests  travelling to Churchill can choose between private hotel rooms or the unique Tundra Buggy Lodge. During the autumn guests can also enjoy cultural components such as dog sledding and museum visits.

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Click below to take a quiz to learn what trip is right for you and gain access to our adventure brochure, the Churchill Adventure Travel Guide 

Polar Bear in Churchill, Canada

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